To increase access to professional and legal help in the area of immigration, The Hispanic Family Center has bilingual immigration specialists accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals. Also, the Center is affiliated with Catholic Legal Immigration Center (CLINIC) and the North Carolina Justice Center.

Areas of Assistance:

Cost: There are nominal fees to cover administrative expenses as well as USCIS fees. Total cost may vary depending on the immigration process.

Contact: To learn more about our immigration services and to find out if you qualify to receive assistance in this area, you can call and make an appointment with either one of our BIA Accredited Representatives. Due to the high volume of calls, please keep in mind that the time in which an accredited personnel will return your call may vary:

Rafael Lopez, at (919) 861-7441 or send an email at

Luisa Martin-Price, (919) 861-7441 or send an email at
You may also come and consult without an appointment only on Mondays from 10am – 3pm with BIA Accredited Representative, Rev. Robert Ippolito.




No new DACA applications will be accepted as of September 5, 2017 on forth. Any current DACA recipient whose Employment Authorization Card expires on or before March 5, 2018 will need to submit a renewal application no later than October 5, 2017. Catholic Charities will process any DACA applications whose status expires on or before March 5, 2018. Also, please note that it is recommended that any DACA recipient DO NOT exit the country, even if they have an approved I-131 (Application for Travel Document) and that any current DACA recipient that is currently out of the country is recommended to return to the US as soon as possible. For any questions and consultations, you should speak with one of our DOJ Accredited Representatives or a private attorney of your choosing.

In order to receive assistance in applying for DACA with an accredited personnel, you may visit our center on Mondays, without an appointment, from 10am - 3pm. To find out information regarding the cost of applying, as well as our fee, you may call at 919-873-0094. Follow us on Facebook for more information or updates regarding DACA.