The Hispanic Family Center is located at 2013 North Raleigh Boulevard, south of the Beltline (near exit 12, Brentwood Road/Yonkers Road), between Yonkers Road and Crabtree Avenue. The Center is open from Monday - Thursday, 10 am to 5:30 pm and Friday, 10 am- 1 pm.

From Downtown Raleigh

From east or south of Raleigh (including Wake County Human Services and Wake Med)

From the west side of Raleigh (including Crabtree Valley Mall)

From North Raleigh

By Bus

The distance between CPO and the bus stop is approximately 1000 feet. There is a sidewalk you can use. To access CPO by bus:

You can reach CPO by the Route 15c Trawick Connector that departs from WakeMed at the following times:

For more information about the bus service, please call 919-828-7228.

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